Parachuting and extreme sports:  the shoe that has never existed is born

RossoVivo launches the world's first line of shoes dedicated to parachuting. An idea born by an enthusiastic encounter  of this sport and a well-known footwear designer. The project has come to life from a concrete need: to fill a gap in the market and to offer sportsmen something that would allow them to do their best. The result is a very high quality footwear line, completely Made in Italy, specially designed for skydivers’ needs. Technical shoes designed to guarantee performance and to be aesthetically appealing, thanks also to the complete customization possibility.

The immediate success of RossoVivo has prompted new lines for various extreme sports, so that every sportsman can wear the RossoVivo shoe of his wishes and needs.

Shoes designed for extreme performances

The practice of sports activities that induce lower limbs to strong stresses requires specific technical footwear, designed to minimize the risk of injuries and diseases such as tendonitis, distortions and inflammations. RossoVivo has designed and manufactured several lines of shoes dedicated to skydiving and extreme sports, able to guarantee maximum performance in complete safety. Aesthetics, practicality and comfort are the three imperatives of RossoVivo, because every sportsman can freely live his passion in the best conditions.

Rossovivo shoes, exclusively made with top quality leather and technical fabrics, reduce the lower limb stresses by giving the foot support and protection, while ensuring unmatched comfort.